Making a Personal Directive

FAQs on this topic are provided in a booklet. This booklet is for people who are wondering if they should write a Personal Directive.

It is about putting your affairs in order and planning for the future. It explains what is involved in making a Personal Directive and how a Personal Directive can help you to look after your future personal (non-financial) needs. It describes some common examples.

This booklet gives general information only, not legal advice. It is not a do-it-yourself guide. For that, you need a more detailed self-help publication or legal advice. See the last few pages of this booklet for information on where to get this help.

Click here to view or download and print the booklet.
See also CPLEA’s : Personal Directive Checklist

Need Help? Alberta Supports Centres will provide assistance with guardianship and trusteeship applications as well as writing a personal directive and applying for co-decision-making. See

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